Our Capabilities:

Winch & Gearbox Repair:

Action Hydraulics is fully capable of carrying out gearbox and winch repair. The variably long lead time for replacement by the original equipment manufacturer means our customers can significantly reduce lost opportunity costs associated with equipment down time. Our experienced technical staff can leverage our machining and fabrication capabilities to return gearboxes and winches to OEM specifications.

Action Hydraulics can repair and supply parts for a wide range of crane winches including:
  • Braden
  • Hagglund MacGregor
  • Liebherr
  • Sauer Sunstrand
  • (Flow-control-and-plumbing-to-accomodate-small-secondary-winch-in-existing-system)
  • (Secondary-winch-and-cooler-plumbed-in-to-existing-system)
  • (Hydraulic winch undergoing repair)
  • (Hydraulic winch delivered for repair)
  • (Hydraulic winch being prepared for repair)
  • (Gears machined for repair of gearbox)
  • (Electric drive repaired and tested)
  • (Dissassembley of hydraulic winch)
  • (Dissassembley of hydraulic winch)
  • (Hydraulic brake removed from winch during teardown)