Our Capabilities:

Hydraulic Pump, Motor & Valve Refurbishment:

In its early days, Action Hydraulics built its reputation on hydraulic component repair, and it still continues to be our expertise. Our salvage rate for damaged hydraulic components exceeds 80%.

We commonly repair, rebuild and service:
  • Pumps and Motors - Vane, Piston or Gear Type
  • Control Valves - Electric, Pilot or Manual Operated
  • Hydrostatic Transmissions
of all types of makes including Vickers™, Rexroth™, Sundstrand™, Eaton™, Caterpillar™, and Denison™. We are recognized in the industry for our high success rate in repairing externally cracked valves. Our trained staff will always seek ways to minimize your operation’s downtime while providing you the most economical solution that ensure maximum performance. Nevertheless, we refuse to cut corners because doing so is simply a false economy.

Likewise, because we have our own parts inventory, Action Hydraulics is fully capable of repairing cartridge kits.

Initial disassembly, inspection and quotation are carried out free of charge.

Testing services we offer include: Detecting fractures through Magna Flux, and cracking pressure, flow, and leakage tests.

Our component repair services include:
  • Chroming and grinding spools
  • Honing chambers
  • Machining poppet seats
  • Manufacturing difficult to source parts such as springs, poppets, and spools
You can be assured that everything we rebuild is completely disassembled. Our standardized inspections, built from over 30 years of operation, identify all defective parts, which we guarantee to be replaced before reassembly. Additionally, all mating surfaces can be reworked, where possible, to specification before units are rebuilt.

Our rigorous test procedures require that every rebuilt pump is tested for volumetric efficiency, external leakage, and sound levels. Your rebuilt components will undergo cyclic endurance tests before ever being shipped back to you. Our dedication to quality workmanship ensures that before any component is returned to our clients, it either meets or exceeds OEM specifications.

If you require assistance with commissioning services, our trained and experienced staff is also available for on-site hydraulic component commissioning.
  • (Corroded manifold salvaged through careful counter boring process)
  • (Lapping components from a hydraulic motor)
  • (Tear down of a Denison vane pump reveals split shaft)
  • (Muncie PTO tear down)
  • (PTO to be resealed and rebuilt)
  • (Flow testing a hydraulic pump)
  • (Piston pump being diagnosed)
  • (Simple gear pump tear down)
  • (Spool removed for repair)
  • (Control valve from Gradall equipment to be repaired and tested)
  • (Commercial control valve repaired prior to installation on roll off truck)
  • (Sunstrand pump repaired and tested)
  • (Rexroth piston pump for closed loop system under test after repair)
  • (Daikin piston pump with horsepower control under test after repair)
  • (Hydraulic manifold from- bailer refurbished and tested)