Our Capabilities:

Service Exchange Program:

The service exchange program offers our absolutely quickest turnaround time for customers that simply cannot afford to be late on projects, or delay their operations for even the fastest hydraulic repairs. Users benefit from receiving “like-new” hydraulic component replacement components immediately. Participants of our exchange program may “exchange” a worn/used component towards the purchase of a remanufactured replacement. Our exacting standards deem that remanufactured parts meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Hydraulic components that have fulfilled a useful life and are reusable or repairable have a “core” value. Components with a core value are eligible for exchange for remanufactured replacements. With this service option, there is no need to wait for component to be repaired, so customer’s productivity is maximized.

Furthermore through this option customers can capitalize on the residual value of their components while enjoying this premium service at an affordable price, through the economies of scale we can provide.

Our clients have our guarantee that all replacement pieces are 100% tested against our stringent procedures, and are backed by our warranty.

Action Hydraulics offers a range of service exchange hydraulic components (cylinders, pumps, valves, motors, gearboxes, transmissions), which are fully tested and ready for installation. Based on our clients’ requests, we can even stock both older and obsolete items, and a range of more prevalent up to date products.

We are capable of custom tailoring a service exchange program exactly to your needs. If required we will even analyze your usage patterns, and suggest an exchange program that is optimized for your operation.

Exchange Program Purchase Options and Core Return Processes

Action Hydraulics offers multiple purchase options for hydraulic components (cylinders, pumps, valves, motors, gearboxes, transmissions) through our exchange program:
  • Pre-failure – Components eligible for this option will be purchased at a flat price reflecting the higher value of the core. Cores in this category undergo a specialized inspection that deems them to be free of impending failure. In the long run, exchanging components before failure will save significant expenses, both in the cost of replacement components and the cost of unscheduled machine downtime and its associated loss of productivity.
  • Post-failure – Components that meet the post-failure criteria are also purchased at a flat-fee commensurate with the residual value (if any) in the core being exchanged. In general, post-failure cores are those which have experienced failure, or for which failure is imminent.
  • Premium-service – Our highest level of service provides customers the option to be charged for the repair of a returned core, while they utilize off-the-shelf inventory to maintain productivity. Premium service charges include fees for the use of inventory, as well as charges for disassembly, repair and re-assembly of the core.
Core Classifications

Action Hydraulics offers industry standard core classification.
  • Full Core – Cores that are proven to meet full core criteria receive the highest dollar value credit.
  • Partial Core – For select components, cores that do not meet full criteria but still achieves partial core standards receive a lesser core credit value.
  • Zero Core – When no core is returned or the returned core cannot meet the partial core criteria, zero credit is applied towards the cost of a replacement part.
Where full or partial credit is afforded to our customers, we request that they return their core upon obtaining the replacement.

Service contracts can be arranged that set a 15-day return policy. If a core is not returned within 30 days, core entitlement value is reduced by 10%. If a core is not returned within 60 days, core entitlement value is reduced by 20%. After 60 days, core entitlement is removed altogether.